Year Of Figure Drawing challenge and lessons

About The Project

366 sketches. 196 pages. 1 year of my life.

Starting September 2019 through August 2020, I will be drawing one figure sketch for every day of the year! Including a leap year February 2020 it will be 366 days in total. I’ll post a sketch each day on my Instagram and ongoing video progress on YouTube. If you’re an artist looking to improve your skills in figure drawing I encourage you to join me, at whatever amount you feel comfortable! Maybe 10 sketches a month? A sketch every Monday, Wednesday, Friday? 3 sketches every Saturday? Whatever you’d like. If you’re one of the few brave souls that wants to try and tackle a whole month’s (or year’s) worth of sketches, I’ve sources 31 images in each of the 12 drawing categories listed below, so no matter what month you decide to start there will be enough images to use. An image for every day does not have to mean you make time every single day to draw (that’s not what I’m doing), if you can sit down on a Sunday and do 5 quick sketches, then 2 more the following Thursday, there’s your seven images for the week! If you do the challenge and share on Instagram use the hashtag #sketchyartchallenge and tag me @lyssalynea so I can see! You can also follow/pin the whole year’s worth of images from my Pinterest board for the challenge! The twelve months are organized as follows:

Month One: Eyes and Ears

Month Two: Nose and Mouth

Month Three: Hands

Month Four: Feet and Shoes

Month Five: Faces Straight On

Month Six: Lower Body (Hips and Legs)

(Images for months seven-twelve are not up yet but will be soon)

Month Seven: Faces At 3/4 Views

Month Eight: Upper Body (Torso Up)

Month Nine: Face Profile Views

Month Ten: Hair

Month Eleven: Back Of The Figure

Month Twelve: Full Bodies