KNOTOOshabby is the name of the first Etsy shop I launched around 2014. I think of it as my “experimental” shop where I use my skills to create products in more main stream shopping categories; such as home decor, wedding, and Christmas gifts. When the shop initially opened it was intended to be, then, what Sketchy On The Details is now…my fine art for sale. At it’s launch the shop was just called my pen name, Lyssa Lynea, and I listed a few prints. I had no idea how to use Etsy but I could feel the potential it could offer anyone who was willing to do the work of learning and using it well. I turned my attention toward putting my creative spin on popular handmade products and to this day KNOTOOshabby continues to be a great place for me to create, while also providing lessons in business, customer service, shopping trends, and much more.